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Holiday greens for sale

This year's greens offerings:

Holiday Greens from Stacy's Nursery

Fundraising is a fact of life for every youth association. It is our way of keeping the dues very low in comparison to other associations. With that said, each WHA player is expected to sell $650 in evergreens. Families with two skaters are to sell $1050.  Families with three or more skater  shall sell $1200.

These are beautiful greens from Stacy's Nursery and it doesn't take long to meet your quota.  Have fun with it and make sure to have your skaters thank the people who bought them.  A thank you note in with your greens goes a long way.  You'll have repeat buyers for next year.

If a player does not participate or chooses to buy out of the fundraiser, their dues will be increased as follow Green Sales  $450 -- All players

Melissa Munsterman

Greens Coordinator