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Willmar Hockey is accepting donations online via PayPal. Your generous gift to Willmar Hockey supports boys and girls in Rec, WHA and High School Hockey programs.  Thank you very much! 


power skating clinic

Power Skating Camp

Come and join Coach Chris Blaisuis from the Willmar Warhawks.  Coach Blaisuis is a certified power skating instructor and has a background in working with youth programs, not only at the junior hockey level but also from his time with the Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association.  Skaters will be instructed on proper skating technique that will help them improve their overall skating.


The cost for this camp is $10 and will run Mondays and Tuesday, Oct 9-24.  Please register at

Squirt (Boys) 10U (Girls) Options:

4th and 5th grade Association Travel Hockey with Birthdates Between July 1st 2006-June 30th 2008.  These are the options/guidelines below:

If you are in 3rd, 4th or 5th grade and have a birthday that falls between these dates you are eligible to sign up for Squirt or 10U options.   If you are in 3rd grade and do NOT have a birthday between these dates you are eligible for Mite-Rec and Mite-WHA programs offered thru the WCER registration see flyer below under Cardinal Message Center.   If your son or daughter would like to request to move from the Mite-REC/WHA program to one of the Squirt options please email Matt Dawson at or notify a WHA board member.  Any decision to move an age eligible Mite/8U player to a Squirt/10U program will be determined by the On Ice committee or the WHA board of directors.


Option1:  Birthdates Between July 1st 2006-June 30th 2008

                  10U (Girls 4th-5th GR) C Squirt (Boys 4th-5th GR) B Squirt ( Boys 4th-5th GR Higher skill level team)

1.     Practice: (3 per week) Monday, 6:15-7:15, Tuesday 7:30-8:30 skills, Friday 6:15-7:15 (times vary)

2.     1 Home Tournament 3 games Feb 3rd-4th

3.     1 Away Tournament (Weekend TBD)

4.     1 District tournament 1-4 games depends (within 90 miles) March 9-11

5.     Cost: $50 USA Hockey Fee.  $450 to WHA (Willmar Hockey association) 

6.     Required fundraiser to sell Holiday greens for WHA.

7.     This level/option is about 22-25 games generally played Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.

8.     Practice begins the week of Monday October 16th

9.     Hockey gear able to be rented from WCER upon availability

Option 2:   Birthdates Between July 1st 2006-June 30th 2008

C10: (4th-5th GR, Boys and Girls) First year-1 year Option: 

1.  Practice: (2 per week) Tuesday 7:30-8:30- Skills, Friday (6:15-7:15)

2.  NO home tournament

3.  NO away tournament

4.  End of the year district tournament this is optional (March 9-11)

5. Cost is $50 to WCER, $50 to USA Hockey, $ 200 to WHA

6. No required greens fundraiser. 

7. This level is 8 games:  4 Home & 4 away. Games within 70 Miles of Willmar played Saturdays or Sunday afternoons.

8. Practice begins Tuesday October 24th, Friday sessions start in December Games mid Dec-end of Feb 

9. Hockey gear able to be rented/requested from WCER upon availability

10. Saturday morning 8:00am-9:00am Open Hockey session

***C10: Option is available for girls or boys with 2 volunteer parent coaches willing to get USA Hockey certified. 

Girls & Boys: Learn to skate, Learn to play Hockey, Mini-Mite, Mite, 8U, 4th & 5th grade In-House Registration

Please click here to jump to Willmar Community Ed and Rec Hockey Skills signup page.

District 5 Website (League standings, cancelations, schedules)

Feed for

Cardinal Message Center:

Girls & Boys: Learn to skate, Learn to play Hockey, Mini-Mite, Mite, 8U, 4th & 5th grade  In-House Rec programs are run through WCER.  Learn to Skate programs ages 3-8.  Learn to play Hockey grades Pre-K -3rd grade.  $50 for the Season FREE rental equipment with deposit, excluding skates/stick.  Questions contact:     Becky Sorenson   Darin Strand   Matt Dawson


2017-18 Girls & Boys Skating/Hockey Schedule:  

Tuesday October 24th-Saturday February 24th.  (No session October 31st, December 12th, December 26th, December 30th)

Tuesday Night: "Skills & Drills"

5:45-6:30  Level 1 Beginner Skating-Hockey (Age 3-8-Pre K-3rd )  

5:45-6:30     Level 2:  Mini Mites/6U: (K-1st)

6:30-7:30     Level  3: Mite/8U (2nd-3rd)

7:30-8:30     Level 4: Rec/Squirts (4th-5th)

Friday Night "Skating Session"  

Level: 3  5:45-6:30 (2nd-3rd)  Dated TBD

Saturday Morning "Game Day"

8:00-9:00 Level 4:   Rec: (4th-5th-Open Hockey)

9:00-10:00  Level 3:   Mite/8U (2nd-3rd)

10:00-11:00 Level 3:   Mite/8U  (2nd-3rd)

11:00-12:00 Level 2:  Mini Mites/6U (K-1st)

11:00-12:00 Level 1:  Beginner Skating-Hockey (age 3-8 Pre K-3rd )

Sunday Night: "Open Skating" 6:30-8:30 $3.00 at the door rental skates available $2.00…This session is every week!

Outdoor Skating:  "Pond Hockey"  5:00-8:00 Monday & Thursday 1:00-5:00 Saturday/Sunday:  Garfield Park Warming House Open!


Willmar Hockey Boosters is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  WHB supports all levels of youth hockey in Willmar, from mini-mites to high school. Donations are always welcome.  We are now able to accept donations through our website.   Thank you for your generosity.